Heliophile is the alternative electropop project of Gijs van Ouwerkerk from Enschede, The Netherlands, supported by a live band.

The spirit of the 80s is strong in Heliophile’s highly melodic and synth-dominated songs, but this sound is quite a natural result of old age culmination of influences and not an attempt to sound ‘retro’. Some even claim to hear traces of Gijs’ history as a death metal musician in the music! The lyrics have a depth not often heard in electronic music, with topics such as the demise of the Cathar heresy, the mystery of cosmic dark matter and the echo chamber effect in journalism.

Debut EP “Nebula”, released in July 2013, was hailed by American music blog Eminent Domain as “some of the best German-influenced synthpop heard in years”, followed by even greater reviews of 2014’s follow-up EP “Downhill from Here”. Their name continues to grow with the band’s first six live shows, including an appearance at I-Synth III festival (in Lille, France), and a contribution to the Electropop 10 compilation CD by Conzoom Records. Currently, the band is writing a full-length album, releasing the ‘Towers so Tall’ double single in October 2015 as a taster.




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