Lyrics – First Strike (You’re Out)

I told you so that this would end in violence
A tender war between a conflict and a lie
Is this the thunderstorm that comes and breaks the silence?
The flash that strikes, it burns and parts both you and I
First strike, you’re out!

I told you so that this would end in violence

The surge of pain that hit me with the tidings
I never crossed my path with treachery so sly
Now play the casualty and force me into hiding
You left me down and out and hung me out to dry
First strike, you’re out!

First strike, you’re out
I gave you one try, now you’re out

In time the snowflakes will stop falling
Our time ran out and we were young
The rain erased what it fell upon
Let your desire keep from crawling
Intangible the memory
The weathered hands worn and marked with grief
Remind of you and me


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