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The “Downhill from Here” EP and other merch is still available from our Bandcamp page!

Live dates

Bowie cover

Heliophile had the priviledge of performing at the Bowie Sound and Vision event in Metropool, Hengelo (NL), where several artists from The Netherlands celebrated David Bowie’s art by playing several cover songs. It was a big success for the band! Here’s a recording of one of the cover songs, ‘Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)’, with our electro interpretation.

New single ‘Towers so Tall’ out on October 23rd!

Having spent some time writing the first full-length Heliophile album in relative silence, it’s time to reveal some of the new material. The new single ‘Towers so Tall’ will have a B-side called ‘Satellite’ and the two tracks will be available on digital distribution channels from October 23rd.

New live bass player

Following the departure of Jos from the live line-up, Bernard will take on bass guitar duties from now on. We’re very happy to have him on board! Unfortunately, Bernard’s participation in the upcoming three shows in April is still unsure, because he’s still recovering from an injury to the hand. The gigs will take place as planned, however.

New single ‘Echo Chamber’ out on November 24th

We hope you’ll enjoy ‘Echo Chamber’, a brand new track released digitally on November 24th. It’s an energetic song about how the media can get the facts wrong in their rush to feed the public with quick answers and easy scapegoats. Its exclusive radio debut will be on the evening of November 23rd on the Dave Charles Show. Have a listen to this great show with synthpop, rock, dance and metal between 8pm and 11pm CET at Harborough FM.

Heliophile to play i-Synth III in Lille, France

We’ll make two appearances at the i-Synth III festival in Lille, France, on April 24th and 25th 2015. Our ‘normal’ show takes place on Friday evening and we’ll play an in-store showcase gig at the Cultura record and book store on the Saturday afternoon. We’re very excited to meet some of the biggest synthpop fans in Europe and be part of the amazing line-up with Vile Electrodes, Shiny Darkness, Analog Angel, Dancing with Ruby, Pulse, Eurasianeyes and People Theatre. See you there!


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