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Heliophile will play Muziek bij de Buren in Hengelo (NL) on December 11th and De Langste Nacht (with Schwarzblut and the art installation Symphony of Fire) at Kunstenlab in Deventer (NL) on December 17th. Joining us for these shows is our new live synth player Maarten Vloon, so we are now a three-piece. Welcome aboard, Maarten!

Muziek bij de Buren is a music festival that takes place in people’s living rooms. It’s held on the same day, Sunday December 11th 2016, in several cities in The Netherlands. In Hengelo there are 66 living rooms participating! Heliophile will play 3 half-hour shows at Dr. Schaepmanstraat 27, starting at 12:45, 14:15 and 15:45. More info about the festival and its locations and bands can be found at: http://hengelo.muziekbijdeburen.nl/.

De Langste Nacht is a dark electronic music event held at the Kunstenlab in Deventer (NL) on Saturday December 17th. At 20:30 the art installation Symphony of Fire will start a spectacular outdoor show (free admission) with music created by tesla coils, roaring engines, fire and cannon drums. The evening will continue indoors (€5 admission, no presale) with performances by Heliophile (21:30) and Schwarzblut (22:30), featuring Gijs on drums, backing vocals and synths. After the live shows, DJs will keep the party going.

We hope to see you at one or both of these events!