Heliophile - photo Karen Leijzer

Heliophile is the alternative synthpop project of Gijs van Ouwerkerk from Enschede, The Netherlands, supported by a live band consisting of Maarten (keys) and Bernard (keys and vocals).

The spirit of the 80s is strong in Heliophile’s highly melodic and synth-dominated songs, but this sound is quite a natural culmination of influences and not an attempt to sound ‘retro’. Some even claim to hear traces of Gijs’ history as a death metal musician in the music! The lyrics have a depth not often heard in electronic music, with topics such as the demise of the Cathar heresy, the mystery of cosmic dark matter and the echo chamber effect in journalism.

Founded in 2010, Heliophile gradually has been building a name for itself, supporting self-released EPs “Nebula” (2013) and “Downhill from Here” (2014) with many live performances, including an appearance at I-Synth III festival (in Lille, France). For the release of their debut full-length album “Permeate” in September 2017, the band found a home at the very passionate Russian label ScentAir Records.

Gijs is also active as a live drummer, vocalist and remixer for established dark electro band Schwarzblut.


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