Tonight I sleep with my demons and their malicious words
The tantalizing whispers they amplify the hurt
Pain overload leaves me jaded, please let me hibernate
Oh how I long to be sedated, to float in hyperspace

Into the lair of the scorpion
There I’ll find my shelter
Out of this makeshift utopia
I’ll regain my peace
In the vast dreamscapes of Morpheus
I’ll tear down your statues
Dethorn the roses that graze my scars
Your very being I exhale

Your name’s not carved in stone
It’s written in the sand
The beating waves will wash the pain away
The tale is left untold
I know this love will be an anachronism
An exercise in exorcism, now

Trapped in sleepless fixation, I feel so out of place
Your sweet reverberations resound in vacant space
As you walk by you stir up a storm
I reside in your trail of broken men
The lost that gasp for air and call your name

I cannot wait you out
I cannot spit you out
I cannot sweat you out
I cannot bleed you out
This love won’t die!