Once the bespectacled shy mathematic
Spat in the face, slapped and kicked in the dirt
Entered the battlefield meritocratic
City boy dressed in a designer shirt

On market floors in a kingdom despotic
Make them believe it’s a victimless crime
Synapses firing, hormonic narcotic
Deaf in the face of the warning bell’s chime

Hail the living gods
Rule the slime running through the troughs
Our eyes prowling their paths as lions, as lions

While the stocks shall rise
Towards the flame we fly

Life is just patterns and dead cold transactions
Cycles of ‘you scratch my back, I scratch yours’
Miles away I can foresee your reactions
Made sure I’m scratched just a little bit more

Can’t seem to back off my foot from the throttle
Frenzied and due to pay back borrowed time
Sorry, your message got lost in a bottle
I thought that our marriage would age just like wine

Failed deliverables
Derived leveraged assets gone
My life I spent out on an island, my island
Neglect the wife, our newly born
And sign separation forms
Now take my life and salvage your horizon, horizon

It’s my econocide
Into the flame I’ll fly
It’s my econocide
Time to expose the lie