Gravitating aimlessly towards growing animosity
Going from a stand-still to terminal velocity
Static on our transmissions relayed across the great divide
Breaching hull integrity, our connections have come untied
Propelling you and me out of synchronicity

Park our broken satellite
Into graveyard orbit, in graveyard orbit
Park our broken satellite, tonight
Into graveyard orbit, in graveyard orbit

Frail fractured vessel I discard, it’s time that it retired
Our craft took to the skies, but our rockets have misfired
Now left in disregard to space’s lifeless choir
We expire

Pushed out to the sun in another space-time continuum
Ensuring your tantrums are smothered in a vacuum
If you linger here, your frozen tears would collide
Away from my periphery your fragments I cast aside
Keeping the debris out of my trajectory

We have expired