Are you alone, are you divided
Do you seek me out to find yourself again
Do you feel whole when we’re united
Or do I leave another void to fill?

Although our church is open day and night
Our deeds cannot be sanctified
Am I truly yours as you are mine?
Our pearls are cast before the swine
I want to beat the odds that you have stacked
Amend the clauses of our pact
Is there a cause for your effect?
Some common ground for us to connect

Do trees still bear the fruit of love
In your trampled garden of delight
Are we dead inside?
Is there a gift still worth receiving
One that only for me you hide
Is it worth the fight?

Our roads are paved with good intentions
But life’s misbehaved with love’s false pretensions
Do I have to tumble down fathomless highs
Do I have to sway and watch as innocence dies?

Kill the visions of the things that I can’t stand the sight of
Explore intimate places to try to fill our empty spaces